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Coaching Skills

HR 205
2 Credits

Building Essential Skills to Engage Individuals and Organizations

A talented and knowledgeable workforce provides an exceptional competitive advantage in today’s global economy. Coaching plays a vital role in developing that talent and in fostering a culture that empowers, motivates and retains your future leaders.

Our Coaching Skills program provides the context for coaching’s growing importance in the workplace, highlighting the reasons for its rapidly growing popularity. It also offers hands-on learning opportunities to develop and practice coaching skills for a wide range of workplace scenarios. Participants will learn to use proven models to facilitate coaching conversations and enhance capacity at all levels.

Tour of the Program

Coaching Skills gives participants the skills they need to nurture potential and engage individuals and organizations for improved performance and positive growth.

a) Coaching Fundamentals

Through a review of concepts and the evolution of coaching in the workplace, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the coaching process. You’ll learn about individual and organizational coaching goals, and how they impact growth and performance.

b) Coaching in Action

In the workplace, coaching is used for finding a way forward: problem-solving, development, and performance.

  • Portability: applies to individuals, teams and groups
  • Orientation: works in every direction whether top down, bottom up and sideways
  • Providers: delivered through various resources including managers, peers, direct reports, talent professionals and external experts
  • Goal Setting: agenda can be driven by both coach or coachee
  • ​Formats: can be used in formal and informal settings

c) Coaching Mastery

The coaching process is relatively easy to master, and basic proficiency can be achieved rapidly. Afterwards, it’s a matter of expanding on that foundation. You’ll learn how to develop strategies for growing your skills and raise the performance bar in your organization.


Learning Outcomes

Transforming Knowledge into Action

Learn how to:

  • Effectively use a proven coaching methodology: the GROW Model
  • Appropriately use coaching for problem solving, development and performance
  • Master coaching dynamics, psychological drivers, skills and tools, through various scenario-based exercises
  • Leverage coaching to build individual and organizational capability



Essential Skills to Engage and Inspire

This program promises to deliver:

  • The easy to use, internationally acclaimed GROW Model
  • Essential coaching skills: Listening, Questioning, Feedback
  • Psychological Drivers that impact coaching: threat & reward brain responses, trust, and motivation
  • Experiential practice opportunities for a wide range of perspectives and situations
  • Appreciation of the psychological drivers impacting coaching, and how to leverage them positively
  • Greater understanding of when and where to use coaching for individual and organizational success

Takeaway Tools

  • GROW coaching model
  • Skills blueprint: Listening, Questioning & Feedback
  • Psychological Drivers Map
  • Coaching applications and implications
  • Reference materials for foundational coaching concepts

Who Should Attend

HR professionals, managers and influencers who want to improve their coaching skills and impact organizational growth.

Facilitators and Speakers

Lead Facilitator(s)

Françoise Morissette

Françoise Morissette, M.Ed., P.C.C., has been a facilitator at Queen’s IRC since 1994, and was made a Fellow in 2006. She played a key role in developing and implementing Queen’s IRC’s Organizational Development curriculum and teaches on the OD Foundations and Coaching Skills programs. Françoise is a Certified Professional Coach, and she leverages coaching in her leadership practice, as well as training leaders and HR professionals on coaching skills.

Françoise is a major contributor to the OD field, with an emphasis on leadership and systems transformation, helping individuals, organizations and communities enhance their leadership capacity for performance and sustainability. In 2016, she...

Read the full bio for Françoise Morissette

Guest Speaker(s)

*The roster of speakers is subject to change.

Venues and Accommodations

May 17-20, 2021 (11am-4pm ET): Virtual Seat

Queen’s IRC will deliver this program virtually, via Zoom, and all participants will attend the program live as it happens. Plan to use video, as appropriate, and have a dedicated working space to participate and engage with the class.

Nov 15-18, 2021 (11am-4pm ET): Virtual Seat

Queen’s IRC will deliver this program virtually, via Zoom, and all participants will attend the program live as it happens. Plan to use video, as appropriate, and have a dedicated working space to participate and engage with the class.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a program?

You can register online, call us toll-free at 1-888-858-7838, or email us at Once you register, we will send you a confirmation by email. Information about the program location, check-in time, and the agenda will follow.

How do I pay for the program?

If you are registering online, you may pay by Visa or MasterCard.  You may also choose to be invoiced first, and pay by cheque (payable to Queen's University) or credit card. You may also wish to call us with your credit card number to make the payment.

If your organization is tax exempt, we will require a copy of your tax exemption certificate.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer an Early-Bird discount for in-person programs. If you register 60 days before the start of a program, you will save $300 on the tuition of four- and five-day programs, and $150 on two- and three-day programs. Virtual programs are offered at approximately 15% less than our in-person rates and are not eligible for an Early-Bird rate.

If you register three people from the same organization in the same program at the same time, you will receive a 10% discount on program fees. If you register five or more people in the same program at the same time, you will receive a 20% discount. These discounts apply to both in-person and virtual training.

If you know you will be pursuing a Queen's Certificate and would like to remit tuition in one payment before your first program, we offer a 10% discount on program fees. Contact us at for more information.

Please note that only one discount may be applied.

What is included in the registration fee?

Program fees include tuition, workbook materials, lunches, and some dinners. You are responsible for transportation, accommodation, and some meals.

Once I enroll in a program, may I cancel without penalty?

Substitutions are permitted with no penalty 8 days or more from the program start date.
Substitutions 7 days or less before the program start date will be subject to a $500 charge.
Transfers and cancellations are permitted with no penalty up to 15 days prior to the program start date.
Transfers and cancellations 14 days or less from the program start date will be subject to a 100% charge of the program fee.

Where does the program take place?

Our programs typically take place at a hotel. This information can be found in the tab above, called Venue and Accommodations.

I would like to make my travel plans.  What are the start and end times for the program?

Coaching Skills starts at 8:30 a.m. on the first day. (Registration runs from 8:00 - 8:30 a.m.)

The program finishes at 4:30 p.m. on the last day.

If I am working towards a Queen's IRC Certificate, which course should I take first?

You may take the programs in any order that reflects your learning needs at the time. Our certificates feature a core program or programs that introduce you to what we consider the core competencies of the field. The remaining programs offer a deeper exploration of each area. For this reason, we find that participants in the certificate stream benefit most by taking the foundational program first.

My level of expertise is above the foundational program for the certificate I am working on. Do I still need to take that program to earn a certificate?

Queen's IRC offers participants maximum flexibility to customize their individual training needs. Upon request, participants with advanced expertise may skip the foundational program, and choose another program from our entire program lineup, for credit towards a certificate. Participants must earn 12 credits to earn a certificate.

How long do I have to complete a certificate?

We attach no timeline for achieving your certificate. Once you have earned a credit, you have earned the credit. We do recommend, however, that participants complete their certificate within one to six years. Most people earn their certificates within three years.

What if I want to take one of your programs but do not want to pursue a certificate?

That's fine. All of our programs may be taken individually, and you can mix and match the courses in labour relations, human resources and organization development, depending on your learning needs. At the conclusion of each program, you are given a certificate of completion.

I have taken a custom program with the IRC.  Will this count towards a certificate?

Yes. Participants who take an IRC custom program may also use their training days as credits towards a certificate.

If I have other questions, who may I speak with personally?

For a program registration query, please feel free to call us at 1-888-858-7838 or 613-533-6628. To reach the Director and staff members, consult our online directory. To reach one of our facilitators, please contact Stephanie Noel at 613-533-6000 ext. 77088 or