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The Concept of Leisure

A. R. C. Duncan
Professor and Head, Department of Philosophy, and Dean of Arts and Science, Queen’s University

June 1, 1963

This paper was presented at the 1963 Spring Conference Programme of the Industrial Relations Centre, Queen's University, at Kingston, Ontario.

The author refers to the speed and whirl of modern twentieth century living, about people feeling as if they never have time to do anything, and referring to the rat race in which they appear to be caught. This paper discusses the origins of the idea of leisure, the need and desire for leisure, while also suggesting that we rethink the whole notion of leisure. It also makes some suggestions about how we might think positively and usefully about the concept of leisure.

The author, A. R. C. Duncan, is Professor and Head of the Department of Philosophy, and Dean of Arts and Science at Queen's University.



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