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Designing Collaborative Workplaces

…Understand why space matters – and how to create an engaging space for your team of teams FACILITATORS AND SPEAKERS Brenda Barker Scott Lead Facilitator Brenda Barker Scott Lead Facilitator…

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Teaming for Today’s Complex Challenges

…Author Brenda Barker Scott has extensive experience in all aspects of organizational development acquired over a twenty-year career in teaching and consulting. When working with leadership teams she combines strong…

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Leveraging Your Learning Power

…Thomson of the Ontario Ministry of Finance; her executive sponsor Assistant Deputy Minister Marion Crane; and Queen’s IRC Facilitator Brenda Barker Scott. Allyson Thompson, Senior Divisional Project Manager, Transition Project…

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Organizational Design

…design criteria template, a guide showing how to link design to your organization’s strategic focus, and job descriptions for design team members. FACILITATORS AND SPEAKERS Brenda Barker Scott Lead Facilitator…

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Organization Development Foundations

…the learnings apply to a work-related challenge. As a final step, you will harness those insights into a plan for moving forward. FACILITATORS AND SPEAKERS Brenda Barker Scott Lead Facilitator…

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Harold’s Change Dilemma

…your wheels, and change keeps rolling smoothly forward. Harold Kenny learned a lot about stakeholder communications while leading the reclamation of a contaminated former CN railway site in downtown Moncton,…

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Designing for Collaboration

…is a design challenge. To enable more fruitful collaboration in our organizations, we need to design for it. 447 1412121600 https://irc.queensu.ca/wp-content/uploads/articles/articles_designing-for-collaboration-by-brenda-barker-scott.pdf Queen’s IRC Facilitator https://irc.queensu.ca/wp-content/uploads/designing-for-collaboration.jpg 1412294400 default default default default…

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Taking Change Personally

…agents must create an environment that enables high quality conversations and learning interactions and that engenders strong positive emotions. 158 1243814400 https://irc.queensu.ca/wp-content/uploads/articles/articles_taking-change-personally-brend-barker-scott.pdf Queen’s IRC Facilitator 2013-03-25 default default default default…

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Brenda Barker Scott


Brenda Barker Scott is a groundbreaker with a passion for creating workplaces that inspire, connect and grow people.
Over her twenty-year career in teaching and consulting, Brenda has led ambitious renewal efforts aimed at enhancing innovation and collaboration with provincial governments and agencies, school boards, not-for-profits and private firms.

When working with leadership teams, she combines strong theoretical knowledge with practical methodologies to ensure that the right people are engaged in the right conversations to design robust and workable strategies.

Brenda is co-author of Building Smart Teams: A Roadmap to High Performance (Sage 2004), and is currently undertaking field research exploring the design features of collaborative and high performance in organizations. A graduate of the Queen’s Masters of Industrial Relations, Brenda is also a PhD Candidate with Fielding Graduate University.

Brenda is an instructor on a number of Queen’s IRC programs including Designing Collaborative Workplaces, Organizational Design and Organization Development Foundations.