Reflections on the Human Resources Profession

An Interview with Daphne J. FitzGerald, Capital G Consulting Inc. Co-Founder & President
Human Resources

Daphne FitzGerald has worked in the field of human resources (HR) for over 30 years. A dedicated HR professional, Daphne spent the majority of her corporate career at Zurich Financial Services. She currently operates two consulting businesses: BOARDrx Inc. and Capital G Consulting Inc. In May 2011, Daphne will assume the role of Chair of the Board of Ontario’s Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA).

In December 2010, Queen’s IRC Research Associate, Alison Hill, spoke with Daphne to glean her insights on the HR profession in Canada and globally. Based on her breadth of experience and expertise, Daphne provides an optimistic outlook on the current and future state of the HR profession.

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