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Over the past decades, organizational transformation has evolved into an organic, paradigm-shifting process, with multiple stakeholders working together to redesign, renew, and re-imagine organizations through innovation and collaboration.

The global pandemic has further altered the transformation process from an evolutionary to a revolutionary one. As a result, organizations have had to radically and rapidly shift mandates and operations. Meanwhile, leaders have had to strategically adapt to a quickly changing world. Internal and external stakeholders have learned to collaborate rapidly and effectively, adjusting as realities change.

This program provides leaders with the mindset, foundational knowledge and practical skills to effectively design, facilitate and guide whole scale organizational transformation through the pandemic and post-pandemic realities. We’ll explore critical success factors, leadership requirements, and how to leverage your team’s talents to build a strong and sustainable future.


May 15 - May 19, 2023 Virtual Zoom Link will be provided after registration May 12 $3295
Nov 15 - Nov 17, 2023 Toronto Details will be provided after registration. Nov 10 $3595


Internal and external practitioners who are involved in system-wide transformation, including managers, Human Resources and Organizational Design professionals, change consultants, system transformation experts and organizational leaders.



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By the end of this program you will be better positioned to:


Before the pandemic, organizational transformation often consisted of a succession of loosely connected initiatives, occurring in reaction to specific problems, such as outdated technology or customer feedback. Today, leaders need to approach organizational transformation from a holistic, integrated perspective that involves multiple stakeholders, data analytics, market trends and a sustainable approach to ongoing change. We need a new mindset, with a laser focus on systems synergy, alignment and connectivity in order to truly succeed. Our learning programs give you the space and time to explore your real-world challenges, using evidence-based practices, tools and learning labs. For this program, participants bring a workplace transformation challenge from their organization, work through it in teams, and are ready to present their action plan upon return to work.

a) Transformation Evolution: Before, During and After Major Change

Organizations need a new mindset to understand how various success criteria must align for successful transformation. We’ll explore how the pandemic has impacted your organization and how to think differently about change. You’ll learn how to use systems thinking practices to prepare your organization today for a successful and sustainable future.

b) Transformation Dynamics: Understanding Transformation Context and Implications

Ongoing, synergistic transformation is now the optimal way forward – today and after the pandemic. We’ll use scenarios to explore the external pressures that push organizations to change, and how to use internal aspirations to pull your organization towards its best future.

c) Action Learning: Working and Learning Together Across Your Organization

Action Learning is an increasingly popular methodology for identifying the best way forward for your organization. An iterative and interactive approach, Action Learning leverages the knowledge, know how and wisdom across the organization in order to increase engagement and reduce resistance to change. You’ll learn using best and worst-case examples, and practice with your own workplace scenario.

d) Transformation and Leadership: Building Strong Leadership Capacity for Transformational Success

Strong leadership is the fuel that powers organizations towards their vision. We’ll explore the leadership requirements for various transformation levels, along with integrated approaches for enhancing and sustaining leadership capacity across the organization through strategic alignment, role-modelling and partnering across the system.

e) Leading Forward: the Role of Process Leaders

Leaders need to engage and involve internal and external stakeholders as they guide design and implementation of strategic plans. You’ll use a proven integrated learning and development system to learn how to engage stakeholders for optimal results, and how to connect internal systems in a synergistic, aligned and connected way.

f) Partnering Across the System: Capacity Building for Transformation

Partnerships across the organization are critical to achieving transformational goals and deliverables. You’ll use your workplace scenario to review various formats for partnerships and determine the optimal format for your organization.

g) Transformation Toolkit: Building Knowledge and Tools for Change

By learning about the latest trends, tools and techniques, you can create your own toolkit for leading transformation in your organization. You’ll learn about the User Experience (UX) Design Revolution, and how to design with a people focus, using an evidence-based design process. We’ll also explore paradigm shifts in service delivery that move beyond IQ to include EQ and SQ for integrated, balanced and compassionate approaches.

h) Innovating for Transformation: Innovation Dynamics and Processes

Our Innovation Lab helps you understand innovation dynamics in today’s context, and learn about innovation types, process and best practices. Using your workplace scenario, you’ll explore the various levels of innovation within organizations and how the rise in social innovation impacts transformation approaches.

i) Making Decisions: Methodologies for Team-based Decision Making

A collaborative decision-making model builds alignment and sustainable practices. Working with your peers, you’ll test your model using proven methodologies to help make key decisions about your organization’s future. You’ll learn how to move forward as a transformation leader, and create a path to actualize your decisions.


Françoise Morissette

Lead Facilitator

Françoise Morissette

Lead Facilitator
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Françoise Morissette


Françoise Morissette, M.Ed., P.C.C., has been a facilitator at Queen’s IRC since 1994, and was made a Fellow in 2006. She played a key role in developing and implementing Queen’s IRC’s Organizational Development curriculum and teaches on the Organizational Transformation and Coaching Skills programs. Françoise is a Certified Professional Coach, and she leverages coaching in her leadership practice, as well as training leaders and HR professionals on coaching skills.


Françoise is a major contributor to the OD field, with an emphasis on leadership and systems transformation, helping individuals, organizations and communities enhance their leadership capacity for performance and sustainability. In 2016, she certified as a LEADS facilitator. LEADS is a distributed leadership capability framework, originally developed in the Canadian health care system, rapidly spreading to other sectors and countries. Her work takes her within Canada and internationally.


With HR expert Amal Henein, CHRP, Françoise wrote Made in Canada Leadership, the product of a large research project on leadership excellence and development. The book also explores ways to refine and leverage our national leadership brand in the global world. She is a much in demand speaker in both official languages.


In 2008, Françoise was made a Fellow of the Wallace McCain Institute at UNB, whose mission is to enhance the leadership capacity of New Brunswick’s most promising entrepreneurs. In 2009, she became affiliated with the Alberta School of Business’ Executive Education. Her focus is on leadership development for government and health care executives.


She developed a major case study on the award-winning Housing First initiative in Alberta. It showcases the exceptional leadership demonstrated by the province in eradicating homelessness, and the systems transformation processes used by a wide variety of stakeholders to achieve this lofty goal. She recently penned two major articles for Queen’s IRC on the importance of national branding, and on the Canadian Brand.