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Conflict Coaching in the Workplace
Kari Boyle, Queen’s IRC Facilitator, 2019

Conflict Coaching in the WorkplaceIt is common for employees to seek help from their manager if they are experiencing conflict or relationship challenges in the workplace. What are your options as a manager to respond in a way that provides benefits to the employee, to the workplace as a whole and to you? Consider this scenario:

You are Karen’s manager:

  • Karen is a longtime front line employee in the Hamilton branch and has recently taken a promotion as a front line manager, overseeing 20 full and part-time staff in the same location.
  • Karen asks you for a meeting to discuss how to handle “a problem employee”, Frank.
  • She explains that Frank has been resisting the improvements she has been implementing in the location’s workflows. She worked there so long she knows all the changes that need to be made and began making them as soon as she became manager.
  • Karen explained that staff resistance has forced her to “manage them tightly”.
  • You have recently received complaints from three of Karen’s staff alleging that she was micromanaging, stifling creativity and allowing them no voice in the change management process.

How would you handle this meeting with Karen?

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Director’s Note – Fall 2019
Stephanie Noel, Queen's IRC Director, 2019

Director's Note - Fall 2019It’s no secret that there are several social issues influencing today’s work environment, such as workplace wellness, equality, and the disruption of jobs through advances in automation. Today’s workers need more than technical abilities – they must have digital fluency, as well as social skills to collaborate effectively in a diverse environment.

Queen’s IRC programs are designed to help you and your organization build a solid foundation for a positive work culture that supports continuous learning and growth, using practical, evidence-based and relevant training to address current challenges and opportunities.

Our 2019-20 programs are designed to help organizations gain and upgrade the skills that are essential for collaborating and thriving in a global workplace. Using hands-on exercises and case studies, participants bring real-world situations to the program, engaging with peers and experienced facilitators to develop solutions and practices that encourage critical thinking and cultivate healthy workplaces.

The IRC is ready to help you and your organization prepare for the shift to a skills economy in a rapidly changing world. Don’t let the fast pace leave you behind – take the next step in your career today.

Stephanie Noel, H. BA (Econ), MBA
Director, Queen’s University IRC

P.S. Coming soon…the IRC is opening a training facility in the heart of downtown Kingston. We look forward to welcoming you to our new technology-enhanced headquarters in the Fall!





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New Queen's IRC Program Planner Now Available

Download BrochureOur Fall 2019-Fall 2020 Program Planner is now available online. Download it today to learn more!

What’s inside?

  • Detailed program descriptions
  • Dates, locations, and fees
  • 18-month program calendar
  • How to earn one of our prestigious Certificates in Advanced Human Resources, Organizational Development or Labour Relations
  • Custom program options for your organization


Queen's IRC Certificate Fast Facts

Queen's IRC CertificatesDid you know that we offer Certificates in Advanced Human Resources, Organization Development, Labour Relations, and Advanced Labour Relations? When you place a Queen’s University IRC Certificate on your wall, it tells your colleagues that you have received leading skills-building education and that you are a committed continuous learner. Check out our Certificate Overview: Download PDF

Certificate Fast Facts:

  • You need 12 credits to earn a certificate
  • 1 credit generally equals 1 training day
  • You can take programs in the order that best addresses your learning needs or fits your schedule
  • We offer programs across Canada
  • Certificates have prerequisites, but we can sometimes substitute these prerequisites depending on your experience – you still have to earn 12 credits to earn a certificate
  • In order to receive an Advanced Labour Relations Certificate, you must first earn the Labour Relations Certificate
  • Added bonus: credits never expire and there is no set time to complete your certificate

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Still have questions? Contact us at 1-888-858-7838 or irc@queensu.ca.


Queen's IRC an HR Reporter Readers' Choice Awards Winner

HR Reporter Readers' Choice Awards - Labour Relations TrainingHR Reporter Readers' Choice Awards - Management - Executive DevelopmentFor the fourth year in a row, we’ve been named as a winner in the Labour Relations Training Provider category in the Canadian HR Reporter’s Readers' Choice Awards. This year we were also recognized in the Management/Executive Development category.

We are honoured to be recognized by HR and LR professionals in both management and union positions, and we look forward to continuing to provide them with the skills needed to build healthy, productive workplaces that support continuous learning and growth.

See the full list of winners: HR Reporter





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HR Reporter Readers' Choice Awards - Labour Relations TrainingHR Reporter Readers' Choice Awards - Management - Executive Development



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