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Identifying High Potential
Diane Locke, Queen’s IRC Facilitator, 2019

Identifying High PotentialHow do you spot potential? What differentiates a high potential employee from one who has reached a career plateau? Many organizations fall into the trap of relying on past performance as a measure of future potential. Current and past performance may be an indicator of potential, but the two are not synonymous. In fact, according to a study conducted by Gartner (previously CEB/SHL Talent Measurement) only one in seven high performers are actually high potentials. That means that over 85% of today’s top performers lack the critical attributes essential to success in future roles. People who perform well in their current positions can fail miserably if they are promoted beyond their level of competence.

To more accurately identify potential, it is useful to assess an individual’s level of “learning agility”. Learning agility is the speed at which people learn and adapt to change. It is a term used to describe continuous learners who are open to exploring new ways of thinking and being. Agile learners are students of life who are able to abandon entrenched patterns and ways of operating to try new things.

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5 Steps to Build Trust and Change the Culture in an Organization
Paul Juniper, Queen's IRC, 2014

5 Steps to Build Trust and Change the Culture in an OrganizationHow do you change the culture in a workplace where workers don't trust the leaders, where employees are not engaged, and where people just don't care about doing their jobs? A few months ago, I was speaking to a group of senior leaders and the topic of changing culture and increasing employee engagement came up. The conversation started innocuously, with a comment like, “There's too many potholes in the road and you can't get people, whose job it is to fill potholes, to care.”

“Why do you think that the workers don't care?” I asked. “How does management behave?” We had talked earlier about the importance of mission, vision, values and behaviours – and the one we didn't get to was behaviours. Every organization has a mission and a vision, and most of us have values like honesty and integrity. But often in the workplace, what you actually see demonstrated is dishonesty and lack of integrity. Is it any wonder why the employees are not engaged?

As our conversation continued, there was disbelief that it was possible to change a culture, particularly from one very senior person who works in the public sector. She was fascinated. She said, “Can you really change a culture?”

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This summer we will be offering two of our most popular Labour Relations programs:

Labour Relations Foundations
Halifax, NS:
June 3-7, 2019

There is no better place to develop foundational skills in collective bargaining, fact-finding, workplace investigations, grievance handling and arbitration in just five days. Make the most of this rare opportunity to see how the other side lives; managers will understand the union perspective while union representatives will view issues through management eyes. Our speakers and coaches are from top labour law firms, unions and industry, and they bring real-world experience and hands-on learning opportunities to our flagship program.

Negotiation Skills
Victoria, BC: July 22-26, 2019

If you are involved in collective bargaining, you know the complex and multi-layered dynamics at play. Whether you represent a business unit, government department, or union, you know that the organization's strategic interests and priorities are tied to how well you do at the bargaining table. But can you implement more effective collective bargaining strategies that are true to your own style and the organization's best interests? These and other important issues are explored in our intensive five-day Negotiation Skills program, which features expert instruction and on-the-spot coaching.

Queen's IRC Trade Show BoothConference and Trade Show Update

This month, we have attended a couple of conferences and trade shows.

  • CPHR British Columbia & Yukon Conference and Trade Show in Vancouver
  • CPHRAB HR UNDEFINED Conference and Trade Show in Edmonton

The winner of one of our draws for a Tiffany's gift card is: Amber Woodford. (More to come!)






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