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Building Trust in Business Partnerships
Jim Harrison and Gary T. Furlong, 2012

  Building Trust in Business Partnerships

If you ask anyone to name the most important elements of any long-term, satisfying relationship, trust is usually near the top of any list. This is certainly true for personal relationships, but it is also true for business relationships.

The ability to quickly establish and build trust is becoming even more important in today's business environment, where partnerships and strategic alliances are common practice. Companies and organizations are strategically focusing more and more on their core competencies and high value activities. They are looking to partners – both external and internal – to contribute added value through complementary services, products, and expertise. Adding value from partners allows companies, business units, and specific departments to innovate and to differentiate themselves from their competitors. And the foundation of these successful partnerships is trust. In this article, we outline a method through which trust can be formed quickly and proactively, and sustained over time.

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Behavioural Interviewing: Hiring Effectively for the Future
Brenda Grape, Queen's IRC Research Assistant, 2012


With 18 years of experience as an HR professional, I have observed that most organizations realize that a recruitment plan is crucial for the success of any business. Efficiently recruiting and hiring the right candidate is critical in today's competitive market. One technique that has become widely used in the recruiting process is the art of behavioural interviewing. Based on the concept that future performance can be predicted by previous experience, behavioural interviewing, if structured properly, can be one of the most effective recruiting tools available. In this article, I will draw on my experiences with designing and conducting behavioural interviews to provide some recommendations for practitioners considering this form of interview in their own workplace.

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Managing Unionized Environments: Post-Program Perspectives
Alison Hill, Queen's IRC Research Associate, 2011

Alison Hill  
Alison Hill  

Following the IRC's inaugural Managing Unionized Environments (MUE) program, I conducted brief interviews with a small sample of participants. The purpose of these conversations was to glean the participants' feedback on this new program offering and to discern the extent to which the programming met the expectations of the participants. In addition to speaking directly with participants, I also held conversations with Stephanie Noel, the IRC's Business Development Manager, and Gary Furlong, facilitator for the MUE program. This article provides an overview of the MUE program, based on the perspectives of the individuals with whom I spoke.

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Latest News


Queen's IRC announces partnership with IPMA-Canada

  IPMP-Canada logo

Queen's IRC is pleased to announce our partnership with the International Personnel Management Association-Canada (IPMA-Canada).

IPMA-Canada is a non-profit organization that has eight chapters with members across Canada. They are linked with IPMA-HR in the United States and 27 other countries around the world.

IPMA-Canada has developed, in partnership with IPMA-HR, the first comprehensive international human resource certification program in Canada. This program is designed to enhance members' human resource management knowledge, develop their people skills, and provide the professional recognition necessary to advance in their career.

For more information on IPMA-Canada, please visit their website ipma-aigp.com.

The Trade Show Trail

The IRC will be participating in the Canadian Talent Management Summit in Toronto next month. Please drop by and visit our booth.

Canadian Talent Management Summit
May 6-8, 2013 – Hyatt Recency Toronto





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