Looking Back on 2014…

Stephanie Noel

Stephanie NoelAs the year draws to a close, I would like to reflect on some of the highlights for Queen’s IRC. This fall we introduced two new programs based on feedback from our participants. Building Trust in the Workplace and Coaching Skills were both well received and we look forward to offering them again next year. In March 2015, we will launch a new advanced change management course called Designing Change, which will provide the tools and skills needed to map out and lead a transformational culture shift in an organization.

In addition to developing new programming this year, Queen’s IRC Director Paul Juniper spoke at a number of conferences and special events, including the Alberta Health Services HR Conference, the Queen’s University Alumni Leadership Summit, and the Consulting Engineers Association of Saskatchewan’s Conference.

This year has been an exciting and busy year at the IRC. We joined forces with the Faculty of Arts and Science at Queen’s, and are excited about this opportunity for collaboration. Our staff, facilitators and speakers travelled from coast to coast and internationally, teaching new skills and tools to HR, OD and LR practitioners. We extended our international presence by offering programs at the Cave Hill School of Business in Barbados and the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business in Trinidad. We also released the results of our Caribbean survey, An Inquiry into the State of HR in the Caribbean.

On behalf of Queen’s IRC, I would like to thank you for your continued support of our programs and our practitioner-focused research. I am looking forward to continuing to build the relationships with our supporters, participants, and their sponsoring organizations in 2015.

I am proud of the work we are doing at Queen’s IRC, and I encourage you to take a few minutes to review the excellent papers and articles we have released this year.

Stephanie Noel,

Queen’s IRC Business Development Manager

Articles published in 2014 - Year in Review

  • Strategic Grievance Management in Today’s Unionized Environment – Lori Aselstine
  • The Professionalization of Human Resources – Claude Balthazard
  • What does ‘professionalism’ mean for HR professionals? – Claude Balthazard
  • Developing Organizations: A Metaphorical View – Brenda Barker Scott
  • Designing for Collaboration – Brenda Barker Scott
  • Learning the Art of Painting the HR Landscape: What Aunt Sally and Others Can Teach HR Professionals About Communicating “Up” – Sandi Cardillo
  • The Government of Alberta’s Organizational Design Journey: The Ministry of Innovation and Advanced Education’s experience using the 4-D process – Marina Christopherson, Dianna Wilk and Judi Carmichael
  • The Case for Change at Humber College: The HRMS Innovation Project – Part 1 – Kathy Cowan Sahadath and Althea L. Gordon
  • Global HR Trends: Is HR Ready to Respond? – Alison Crozier
  • Improve Your Negotiation Outcome by Learning Something New: A Collective Bargaining Success Story – Jennifer Davis
  • The Head-Down Theory: How Unfairness Affects Employee Engagement – Blaine Donais
  • Recognizing Employee Engagement in the Workplace – Cavell Fraser
  • 5 Steps to Build Trust and Change the Culture in an Organization – Paul Juniper
  • An Inquiry into the State of HR in the Caribbean – Paul Juniper and Brendan Sweeney
  • The Coaching ‘Explosion’: Exploring the Growing Field of Coaching, and the Value it Brings to HR – Francoise Morissette
  • What’s Your Story? Helping The Next Generation Imagine Their Career Identities Through Narrative Career Coaching – Nick Nissley
  • The Future of Unions in Canada’s Private Sector: How Can Unions Overcome their PR Problem? – Stephanie Noel
  • Young Workers and the Union Movement in Canada – Stephanie Noel
  • Change Management 101: What Every Change Manager and Change Leader Needs to Know BEFORE Jumping into Implementation – Sharon Parker
  • Leadership Sustainability: A Framework to Sustain Culture Shifts – Beverley Patwell
  • The Way Forward in Employment Relations – Using Social Dialogue as a Means of Improving the Organizational Effectiveness of a Credit Union – Christa Sankarsingh
  • Inside HR at the Ontario Public Service: An Interview with Lori Aselstine, Director, Employee Relations and Strategic HR, Government of Ontario – Cathy Sheldrick
  • 4 Trends in Recruiting Top Talent: Approaches and Tools for HR Managers – Adam Smith
  • Recruiting Talent Using Applicant Tracking Systems – Lori Stewart
  • Managing People and Labour Relations in Municipal Government – Terry Wagar
  • The Need for Lean HR: Reinvent or RIP HR – Diane Wiesenthal
  • Enhancing Your Strategic Value as a Human Resources Professional: Playing to Win in HR- Kevin Yousie
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