3 Credits

Workplace Restoration

Addressing a Toxic Workplace to Rebuild Relationships and Productivity.
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Program Overview

Addressing a Toxic Workplace to Rebuild Relationships and Productivity

How do workplaces become toxic? These damaging environments often develop following a significant negative event, or because of a series of issues that slowly erode morale over time. The results can be devastating for an organization, leading to conflicts, a loss of talented team members, and a steady decline in productivity.

The Workplace Restoration program uses role-playing exercises, case studies and facilitated discussions to help you identify, monitor and address these situations. This program is critical for organizations experiencing disruption in workplace relations, such as prolonged conflict or bullying, increasing harassment or grievance claims, leadership issues, strikes, investigations, mergers and acquisitions, terminations or significant organizational changes.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize and respond to the signs and root causes of a poisoned work environment
  • Use data and assessment techniques to better understand key issues and their effect on productivity
  • Develop strategies to address negative behaviour and provide a common ground for a safe and healthy environment
  • Use staged conflict resolution approaches to implement a sustainable dispute resolution process
  • Create and implement a measurable plan to restore relationships, regain trust and build an ideal workplace environment for your teams
Organizational Benefits
  • Create safe spaces for employee feedback and collaboration
  • Retain and re-motivate top employees and teams
  • Nurture healthy, respectful relationships that promote high performance
  • Reduce grievance arbitration costs and improve productivity
  • Develop sustainable and measurable strategies for long-term workplace health




Who Should Attend

Managers and Supervisors

Identify, monitor and address issues that can slowly erode morale over time.

LR and HR Professionals

Retain talented team members and increase overall productivity.

Facilitators and Speakers

Takeaway Tools

  • Assessment screening and data analysis templates
  • Conflict resolution exercises
  • Strategies for effective communications
  • Terms of reference and charter frameworks
  • Sample workplace assessment report and action plan

Thought Leadership

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