3 Credits

Organizational Design

Learning a robust yet practical process to guide organizational designers in making relevant design choices.
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Program Overview

Learning a Robust Yet Practical Process to Guide Organizational Designers in Making Relevant Design Choices

What makes organizations effective? While having a winning strategy and the right talent are essential, so too is shaping an enabling organization; one that focuses, connects, and equips your talent to flourish.

Flourishing in today’s fast paced and ever-evolving contexts requires a fresh approach to organizational design. Whereas traditional organizations were built for independence, stability and efficient execution, today’s designs must afford both stability and agility, innovation and execution, and independence and interdependence.

In Organizational Design, we explore a proven framework and methodology for guiding design choices. Based on the latest research, our approach includes diagnostic tools, foundational design principles, and action learning to ensure that your design efforts are aspirational yet practical. Recognizing that design is both a social and technical process, we offer a considered approach to engagement, so that people are both architects and cultivators of their renewed organizations.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Objectives
  • Learn how to use the Blueprint for Organizational Effectiveness, the 4D Design Process, and the Building Blocks of Organizational Design to transform your organization
  • Select and lead your design team
  • Develop a robust and meaningful approach to engaging stakeholders
  • Diagnose design issues and develop design criteria
  • Shape design concepts to build essential organizational capability
  • Link design to your organization’s purpose, strategy and values
Organizational Benefits 
  • Successful organization renewal incorporating contemporary capabilities for agility, innovation, and collaboration
  • A proven process for co-design and involvement to cultivate new roles and behaviours
  • Alignment of capabilities, resources, relationships, leadership and contributions to organizational mandates and strategies
  • Internal experts and advocates for organizational design and renewal

Who Should Attend


Learn the skills needed to select and lead your design team.

HR/OD Practitioners

Discover how to diagnose design issues and develop design criteria.


Gain the knowledge necessary to ensure that your design efforts are aspirational yet practical.

Facilitators and Speakers

Takeaway Tools

  • Designing Organizations Workbook and Toolkit
  • The Good Design Tests
  • The Design Concept Template

Thought Leadership

Stay ahead of trends in your career with articles and papers written by industry experts.

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