5 Credits

Negotiation Skills

Developing negotiating styles and tactics to master the dynamics of collective bargaining.
Two people shake hands over a contract sitting on a table.

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Program Overview

Developing Negotiating Styles and Tactics to Master the Dynamics of Collective Bargaining

If you are involved in collective bargaining, you know the complex and multi-layered dynamics at play. Whether you are at the table representing a business unit, government department, or union local, you know that the organization’s and the membership’s strategic interests and priorities are tied to how well you do at the bargaining table. How can you implement effective collective bargaining strategies that achieve needed changes and improvements effectively? What is changing in collective bargaining styles and approaches? What are today’s best practices at the table? These and other important issues are explored in our intensive five-day Negotiation Skills program, which features expert instruction, a full week of hands-on bargaining experience, and on-the-spot coaching.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Objectives
  • Effectively prepare for negotiations by identifying prioritized goals, important interests, and strategic mandates
  • Set the stage for successful negotiations with pre-bargaining dialogue
  • Build skills in formulating and delivering proposals
  • Build trust at the table and navigate impasse
  • Develop the table skills of an effective negotiator including listening, probing, reality testing, and mutually solving problems
  • Develop an understanding of costing for both your present collective agreement and proposed new clauses
  • Practice all learnings at the table through an immersive and detailed bargaining simulation
Organizational Benefits
  • Better and faster outcomes from collective bargaining sessions for all parties at the table
  • Improved preparation skills that set the stage for better negotiations
  • Stronger and more cohesive bargaining team relationships
  • Improved union-management relationships
  • Creation of competitive advantage through strategic negotiations


Who Should Attend

Labour relations and human resources professionals

Gain the skills needed for better negotiations.

Union Representatives

Uncover how to be an effective negotiator.


Learn how to improve union-management relationships.

Facilitators and Speakers

Takeaway Tools

  • Planning for Bargaining Workbook
  • Issues Analysis format and process for effective preparation
  • Ground Rules at the table framework
  • Introduction to costing framework

Thought Leadership

Stay ahead of trends in your career with articles and papers written by industry experts.

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