4 Credits

Mastering Fact Finding & Investigation

Building internal capacity to effectively deal with workplace complaints.
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Program Overview

Building Internal Capacity to Effectively Deal with Workplace Complaints

According to research conducted by Queen’s IRC, today’s labour relations practitioners are spending an increasing amount of time — up to 25 percent of their efforts — conducting formal and informal investigations of workplace complaints. The complaints may relate to harassment, conflicts of interest, discrimination, whistle blowing, or many other difficult types of cases, and are partly a response to tougher human rights and occupational health and safety laws. But research also shows that many HR managers and LR practitioners, including union representatives, feel they are inadequately prepared for the rigours of investigating complaints. This program gives LR Practitioners hands-on training on how to assemble the facts of a case without worsening the situation.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Objectives
  • Pre-screen complaints and select the correct process
  • Plan the investigation using a step-by-step guide
  • Participate in a joint union-management investigation process
  • Conduct effective interviews
  • Handle difficult witnesses
  • Gather and assess evidence
  • Write an investigation report
Organizational Benefits 
  • Significant savings in third-party fact-finding costs
  • Faster and more streamlined preparation for investigations
  • More reliable investigation results
  • Greater internal capacity for gathering evidence
  • Investigative reports that comply with statutory obligations
  • Ability to assess quality of report and findings


Who Should Attend

Workplace leaders (managers, supervisors, union officials, and labour relations and human resources professionals)

Fact-find and complete workplace investigations with confidence and ease.

Facilitators and Speakers

Takeaway Tools

  • Fact-finding workbook
  • Interview templates
  • Sample fact-finding reports
  • Critical review checklist

Thought Leadership

Stay ahead of trends in your career with articles and papers written by industry experts.

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