3 Credits

Leading Human Resources

Developing a strategic and impactful human resource practice.
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Program Overview

Developing a Strategic and Impactful Human Resource Practice

Working in Human Resources within our transformational world requires building a professional toolkit that contains responsive skills, clear perspectives, and deep patience. Indeed, Human Resources has never played as critical and impactful a role as it currently does. With this heightened importance, now is the time to deepen your theoretical knowledge, enhance your leadership confidence, and establish a deeper and more strategic approach to your practice. Through interactive activities, case studies, group discussion and exploration of current theory, this program is designed to equip you to succeed in your own organizational and business context. In addition to providing new skills and perspectives, the program will help you build a plan that strategically – rather than reactively – addresses your organization’s people, talent, and culture needs.

Module 1: Defining HR and Examining Models: Exploring Theory in Support of Great HR Practice 
  • Explore definitions of human resources and how it has evolved over time
  • Appreciate the utility of using an HR model to guide your practice
  • Shift perspectives and broaden the view of human resources in supporting organizational success
  • Examine current HR trends and emerging issues
Module 2: Business Results and Organizational Success: Making the Purpose of Human Resources Powerful and Real
  • Explore David Ulrich’s work HR from the Outside In, to identify and understand how HR enhances business capabilities
  • Identify approaches that support HR in impacting business and organizational success
  • Explore the connection between HR success and impactful customer experiences
  • Identify how to contextualize HR risks and mitigate related risks to business success
Module 3: Key Competencies for Successful HR Practice: How to Build Impactful and Purposeful Human Resource Practices
  • Use the HR model as a guide to explore 5 key competencies that contribute to effectiveness in leading and approaching human resources
  • Identify how advancing human capability helps to accelerate your business. Explore related strategies
  • Examine the role that fostering collaboration plays in supporting organizational success
  • Identify related complex issues
Module 4: Human Capability – A Deeper Dive: Unleashing Individual and Organizational Talent
  • Explore the three components of human capability – talent, organization, and leadership – and understand how together they influence the success of human resource practices
  • Identify and apply examples from your own organization to deepen understanding and purpose
  • Examine related research and emerging challenges
Module 5: Fostering Collaboration: Working Together to Maximize Success
  • Identify the power of collaboration in maximizing organizational success
  • Define the notions of diversity, inclusion and belonging, to understand their connections to organizational success
  • Identify and reflect on values and how they impact your leadership approach and professional experiences
  • Explore other strategies to foster collaboration as a leader
Module 6: The Role of the HR Department: Building and Inspiring a Team
  • Examine your HR leadership approach against a variety of perspectives and models
  • Conduct a self-assessment of your leadership style and reflect on how this impacts your practice
  • Identify strategies to motivate and inspire others you work with and align the human resource mission to the organizational mission
  • Create your own HR mission statement to guide and enrich practice and direction
Module 7: HR Visioning and Systems Thinking: Bringing the Pieces Together to Build the Complete HR Puzzle
  • Explore different perspectives of your own HR practice and HR department to identify the broader organizational systems
  • Define your “HR Boundaries”
  • Create a comprehensive plan on how the parts of the models we have explored work together to move your organizational success forward
  • Reflect on your learning and celebrate!

Learning Outcomes

Learning Objectives

Who Should Attend

Human Resources and Labour Relations Professionals

Deepen your understanding of HR leadership to execute meaningful and strategic approaches within your practice, department and organization.

Facilitators and Speakers

Takeaway Tools

  • Evaluative tools to identify specific dimensions of your organization’s HR practices that can be enhanced to drive results
  • A workbook within which you will build a concrete plan for enhancing HR capability
  • Activities, exercises and assessments to help you meaningfully identify and leverage leadership strengths
  • Tools to create an HR mission statement that effectively guides departmental strategy and HR communications
  • Templates for reflecting, measuring and developing a deeper HR strategy and initiatives that are responsive to your business context

Thought Leadership

Stay ahead of trends in your career with articles and papers written by industry experts.

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