3 Credits

HR Metrics & Analytics

Transforming HR data into business insight.
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Program Overview

Transforming HR Data into Business Insight

In an increasingly data-driven world, the accurate evaluation of business programs and practices is key to identifying improvements and changes that will have the most positive impact. But what should you be measuring? And what is the best way to gather this important data and communicate it to senior executives that sponsor and invest in key programs? This program will provide you with essential knowledge and tools to understand metrics and transform that data into powerful stories for business knowledge, insight, and decision making.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Objectives
  • Gather and identify relevant data from multiple sources
  • Apply analytics tools to understand data, create accurate, compelling stories, and support meaningful decisions
  • Combine quantitative and qualitative measures to tell a complete story
  • Engage with Senior Executives to help them use data to focus and make key organizational and business decisions
Organizational Benefits
  • Five evidence-based modules featuring real-world examples and relevant case-study exercises
  • Hands-on opportunities to learn proven analytics tools, data gathering skills and reporting methods
  • Knowledge for relevant, fact-based discussions with business leaders
  • Collaborative decision-making to identify relevant data and connect that data through analysis and insights to inform key HR and business decisions

Who Should Attend

HR Leaders and Organizational Leaders

Learn how to use meaningful data to inform decision-making.

Emerging Leaders and Managers

Improve employee performance.

HR Professionals

Develop and implement organizational programs and guiding investment decisions.

Facilitators and Speakers

Takeaway Tools

  • The Analyst’s Toolbox – a set of simple tools to interrogate data and create compelling stories
  • Models for predictive analysis
  • A business case model to engage executives and support informed decision-making
  • Skills and exercises to help you meaningfully measure existing data and contribute to business decisions
  • The analysis, presentation, and feedback on your “real world” case to take back to your workplace immediately following the program

Thought Leadership

Stay ahead of trends in your career with articles and papers written by industry experts.

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