2 Credits

Certificate in Organized Crime Prevention Foundations

Equip yourself with analytical skills, legal strategies, and cultural insights to mitigate criminal activity

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Program Overview

Gain the skills to identify and confront organized crime

Organized crime networks are billion-dollar industries with connections around the globe. Their activities may not be apparent to the general public – but they have a significant impact on the economy, political environment and society as a whole. To combat these activities, embark on a learning journey to decipher the covert strategies and signals employed by these networks. Unravel the strategies and signals employed by these networks and join us as we equip ourselves with knowledge to protect and safeguard against the far-reaching consequences of organized crime.

The Certificate in Organized Crime Prevention Foundations program is offered in partnership by the Languages, Literatures, and Cultures department at Queen’s University and Queen’s IRC.

Module 1: Introduction to Organized Crime in Canada

  • Discover methods of defying organized crime
  • Understand the history of organized crime in Canada, with specific attention to ‘Ndrangheta, Cosa Nostra, and Hells Angels
  • Learn about the overt and covert influences of organized crime on Canadian society
  • Participate in small group discussions

Module 2: Deconstructing Myths, Symbols and Rituals of Traditional Organized Crime Groups

  • Develop an understanding of the manipulation of historical facts to justify the existence of organized crime groups
  • Discover the exploitation of traditional beliefs, symbols, and myths to give criminal organizations a cultural dimension/identity
  • Understand the role of media and social media in the mystification of organized crime

Module 3: Organized Crime in Ontario

  • Analyze traditional and emerging organized crime groups in Ontario
  • Explore the interaction between organized crime (underworld) and upperworld society
  • Identify the strategies of criminal activities in Ontario

Module 4: Case Study: Luigi Bonaventura, Former Mafia Boss

  • Hear first-hand experience of a former mobster, including a Q & A with participants
  • Interact with other informants and state witnesses when available

Module 5: Organized Crime in Québec

  • Analyze traditional organized crime groups in Québec
  • Discover the strategic importance of Montreal’s port in the narcotics industry
  • Examine criminal activity and corruption (The Charbonneau Commission)

Module 6: Cybercrime and Cryptocurrency

  • Explore organized crime in cyberspace
  • Identify how criminals use cryptocurrency
  • Review a case study

Module 7: Blood Sports: Organized Crime in International Sport

  • Understand match-fixing in professional sports
  • Understand illegal gambling and corruption
  • Review a case study

Module 8: The Legislative Response to Fight Organized Crime in Canada: An Analysis of its Scope, Effectiveness and Limitations

  • Analyze Canadian anti-gang legislation
  • Compare and analyze legislation in the US and Italy
  • Assess anti-money laundering legislation in Canada

Module 9: Case Study: Infiltration in the Construction Industry and Governments

  • Analyze the Charbonneau Commission’s final report (10 years later)
  • Examine the current situation in the Québec construction industry
  • Review a case study

Module 10: Money Laundering

  • Examine corruption in Canada
  • Analyze the final report of the Royal Commission on corruption in the casino industry in British Colombia
  • Understand the role of underground banks

Module 11: Case Study: Money Laundering’s Techniques and Shadow Alliances

  • Explore money laundering in Ontario and Québec
  • Understand the role of the enablers
  • Review two case studies

Module 12: Case Study: Organized Crime in Cyberspace

  • Explore hybrid organized crime
  • Discover how gangs migrated to cyberspace
  • Delve into mythology, mimetics, and beyond

Module 13: Case Study: Organized Crime in the World. From Tradition to Innovation

  • Examine the globalization of organized crime
  • Discover how organized crime groups adapt to new environments
  • Review a case study

Learning Outcomes

During this certificate program, participants will learn:

  • The scope of the impact of organized crime on a local, national and global scale
  • Analytical skills and tools for identifying criminal network infiltration
  • Legal strategies to detect and combat illegal activities
  • How organized crime organizations network and collaborate
  • What measures to take to deter criminal activities
  • The “cultural dimension” of organized crime

Organizational Benefits

  • Evidence-based tools and templates to use in your workplace
  • Training from leading academics, industry experts and guest speakers
  • Professional contacts and networking opportunities
  • Interactive learning through real-world case studies
  • Skills to train others

Who Should Attend

This certificate program has been designed to provide a foundational knowledge of organized crime prevention for:

law enforcement and government agents, senior management of financial institutions, attorneys, chartered accountants, brokers and people interested in having a better understanding of the impact of organized crime on their everyday lives.

Facilitators and Speakers

Takeaway Tools

  • Program slides, declassified information and unpublished information (confidentiality may limit availability)
  • Nonspecific information on particular investigations

Thought Leadership

Stay ahead of trends in your career with articles and papers written by industry experts.

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