Custom Training

Transforming Knowledge into Action

Give your team a competitive edge with customized learning programs that address your company’s unique challenges

A Queen’s IRC custom program delivers specialty solutions across all labour relations, human resources, and organizational development disciplines, providing your employees with the skills they need to thrive in today’s business environment.


Your knowledge base
We work with you to define what your company’s specific needs are so we can help you learn, plan and implement new processes.


Your Action Plan
You know your team and its needs better than anyone else. We’re here to listen to what those needs are so you can take action and kickstart positive change.


Your Real-World Team
We will develop a customized solution that will provide your employees with the skills they need to succeed.


Your Custom Learning Environment
Once your skills are solidly in place, it’s time to take action and apply what you and your team have learned.


Measuring Your Success
Together, we’ll measure success and define next steps, if any.

We’ve worked with countless organizations like yours to deliver skills-building education to career-minded individuals.

Initiatives we can help with:

Workplace Conflict

Disagreements are unavoidable but can be harnessed as opportunities — not crises — with the right leadership response.

Building Trust in the Workplace

Trust is the best fertilizer for high-performing organizations, growing retention and engagement.

Negotiation Skills

The bargaining table is a dynamic and fast-paced environment. Prepare with expert guidance and on-the-spot coaching.

Performance Management

Practices have evolved to adapt to hybrid and virtual environments. Improving these much-maligned programs pays huge dividends.

Change Management

It’s the only constant in business. Don’t just roll with the punches, harness them to keep your workforce on top.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Sleep better at night, armed with the knowledge you need to develop the strategies and talent needed for tomorrow.

A Queen's University IRC student listens to a presentation.
A group of people gather around a laptop on a table.

Benefits of Queen’s IRC

Teaching Methods

Benefit from programs that combine theory and real-world experience, delivered in an interactive environment.

Practical Advice
You’ll be exposed to tried-and-tested solutions that have proven results in real organizations. Facilitators come from all industries, with varied backgrounds, to ensure you’re getting the most useful information to drive your career and bottom-line results.

Collaborative Sessions and Simulations
Education at Queen’s IRC isn’t a one-way conversation delivered from the lectern. It’s open dialogue for, and with, professionals and experts who understand your biggest pain points. Their unique perspective makes the learning come alive.

Lifelong Learning
Our alumni stay connected with each other and through regular updates from the team at Queen’s IRC. The connections you make and the learnings you take will help you navigate new and challenging situations.

Two people write in notebooks while seated at a table.

Speak with a Program Advisor
to Create Your Custom Training Plan

Together, we’ll address your company’s specific challenges, align your goals, and take your team to the next level.

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