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Remote Learning Options

Introducing Online SeatsThe current COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted our ability to offer training the way we normally do, with participants travelling from across the country to meet face-to-face and work together to build new skills. We know that you still have training needs, and we have been working hard to find ways to meet these needs in a way that keeps everyone safe, continues to deliver the premium training you expect from Queen’s IRC, and has options that work with provincial and organizational restrictions.

We are creating virtual seats for many of our programs. When considering how to incorporate remote learners into our programs, we have remained committed to preserving the integrity of Queen’s IRC programs, most notably, programs led by leading practitioners in the field and the opportunity to network and interact with fellow participants. This is why we have chosen to offer synchronous delivery at this time. We strongly believe in the value of learning and practicing new skills with peers and the ability to have immediate feedback from facilitators and coaches. There is additional information on our website about attending remotely.

We have reviewed our program lineup and identified some that we feel can be delivered successfully with participants attending live online from their own location.

Most notably, our flagship program, Labour Relations Foundations, is one of the first programs where we will expand our delivery model to include remote learners in September. This will give us the potential to reach more participants across the country where travel, cost and accessibility may be a hindrance. Labour Relations Foundations is one of the best programs to introduce new participants to who we are, what we do so well, and provide foundational skills in collective bargaining, grievance mediation, fact-finding, arbitration (and more) in just five days.

Our newly expanded Building Trust in the Workplace program will be delivered completely online in September as well. Instead of a two-day program in-person, it will be delivered over four days in three-hour sessions.

We look forward to welcoming you to Queen’s IRC this fall. In the meantime, please join us for our free Community of Practice Webinars to connect with our facilitators and your peers on hot topics in labour relations, human resources and organizational development.

Stephanie NoelSincerely,

Stephanie Noel, MBA
Queen’s IRC


P.S. If you have a group of people who need training, and travel isn’t an option, we have custom training solutions – both in person and online. Contact us at: for more info.

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