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Introducing a Complimentary Change Management E-Book: The Easy, Hard & Tough Work of Managing Change by Dr. Carol A. Beatty

Stephanie Noel
Queen’s IRC Business Development Manager

October 17, 2016

Stephanie Noel, Queen's IRC Business Development ManagerWhen I first started as an MBA student, I attended the Managing Change MBA course taught by Dr. Carol A. Beatty at Queen’s. During that time Dr. Beatty’s research was focused on collecting data from organizations about successful and unsuccessful change management projects. When I was hired at Queen’s IRC, where Carol was the director at the time, we continued to gather and analyze data about change projects in organizations, in both public and private sectors. With each program, we would incorporate the data results into the Change Management course, updating it with the latest statistics.

This e-book deals with the easy, the hard and especially the tough work of change management. Carol addresses why change success rates have remained stubbornly low, which is no easy task. During my early days with Queen’s IRC, helping Carol with her research, everyone wanted to talk about successful changes, but no one wanted to talk about unsuccessful changes. Carol persisted, and through this research, was able to provide an explanation for the lack of change success which has been reported in literature for over 50 years. Change leaders and change teams are doing the easy and hard work, but avoiding the tough work of change. Carol identifies this tough work, and sets the reader up for success in their change initiatives. I am pleased to introduce Carol’s e-book, The Easy, Hard & Tough Work of Managing Change, which is a compilation of the best practices, frameworks, guidelines and checklists that she has developed. Over the years, Carol has trained hundreds of organizational leaders and managers, and delivered countless seminars on managing change. She has facilitated change initiatives in more than 25 organizations, and researched successful and unsuccessful change projects in hundreds of organizations. This e-book takes readers on a step by step journey through the change management process, taking complex concepts and making them as simple as possible. She illustrates the important points with case studies and examples. Carol’s practical approach, backed up by research, means that readers can immediately apply what they are learning to their organizations.

 The Easy, Hard & Tough Work of Managing Change by Dr. Carol A. Beatty The Easy, Hard & Tough Work of Managing Change includes an introduction and 9 chapters, many of which have been published individually by Queen’s IRC over the past couple years. We have collected all of the chapters into this e-book, and I am proud that we are able to offer a complimentary download to human resources, labour relations and organization development practitioners.

The contents of Carol’s e-book include:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The Who of Change
  • Chapter 2: The Why of Change
  • Chapter 3: The What of Change
  • Chapter 4: The How of Change
  • Chapter 5: A Closer Look at Resistance
  • Chapter 6: Communicating During the Change
  • Chapter 7: The Change Champion
  • Chapter 8: Summary and Conclusions
  • Chapter 9: Key Success Factors of Planned Change Projects

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Learn more about the Queen’s IRC Change Management program, which was originally designed by Dr. Carol A. Beatty and is based on her research.




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