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Our research includes a variety of activities that complement our programming. Through surveys, interviews, and articles, we aim to communicate trends in the HR and LR fields.

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There is nothing currently scheduled in this area. Please contact us to discuss your company’s professional development needs: or 1-888-858-7838.
There is nothing currently scheduled in this area. Please contact us to discuss your company’s professional development needs: or 1-888-858-7838.

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Latest Articles

The Future: Blueprint for Sustainable Success

Françoise Morissette, Queen's IRC Facilitator
Publication date: June, 2020

A blueprint for the future is beginning to emerge: one that will involve greater use of interactive technology, system-wide collaboration, widespread innovation, improved systems thinking capacity, and stronger recognition and appreciation of the female leadership brand. more

Devan Corrigan
Publication date: June, 2020

It is normal for participants in a workplace investigation to feel some anxiety, but too much worrying can create barriers to obtaining critical information, which is a challenge for investigators looking to build complete and thorough reports. Ensuring participants fully understand the process and their role in it can help alleviate unnecessary anxiety during the investigation. With a greater understanding of the process, participants can feel empowered to speak confidently in the interview and provide the investigator with the necessary information. more

Stephanie Noel, Queen's IRC Director
Publication date: May, 2020

We invite all HR professionals to participate in our survey on the State of Human Resources in Canada. This survey is now closed - please watch for the executive summary of the results. This survey follows research of the same nature that we conducted in 2011 and 2013 under the leadership of Queen's IRC Director, Paul Juniper. We estimate it will take about 20-30 minutes of your time. more

Brenda Barker Scott, Queen's IRC, Stephanie Noel, Queen's IRC
Publication date: April, 2020

Our lives, personal and professional, have been disrupted in a way than many of us may have never imagined. As schools and businesses close, people find themselves isolated from colleagues, friends and family, and sometimes facing this challenge alone. Everything that we took for granted seems to be upside down and inside out. And there is no definitive end in sight. more

Dr. David Weiss, Queen's IRC Facilitator
Publication date: February, 2020

Being an innovative organization is far more than developing innovative products. It includes developing services, processes, business model innovation and even societal and policy innovations. Most innovation discoveries occur through convening diverse employees, teams, departments and organizations that combine perspectives, resulting in new ways of thinking and operating. Organizations need HR to drive innovation through the creation of leadership capacities, diverse team and organizational methodologies that allow innovation to flourish. more