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In an increasingly data-driven world, the accurate evaluation of business programs and practices is key to identifying improvements and changes that will have the most positive impact. But what should you be measuring? And what is the best way to gather this important data and communicate it to senior executives that sponsor and invest in key programs? This program will provide you with essential knowledge and tools to understand metrics and transform that data into powerful stories for business knowledge, insight, and decision making.


Oct 24 - Oct 26, 2023 Toronto Old Mill Toronto Oct 20 $3,895
Mar 25 - Mar 28, 2024 Virtual Zoom Link will be provided after registration Mar 21 $3,295





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Our module-by-module overview introduces the topics that will be explored in depth over the course of the program.

Module 1: Numbers and Stories: Turning Data into Relevant Insight
  • Discover the guiding principles for meaningful, relevant data analysis
  • Understand the Metrics Cycle: Define, Analyze, Recommend, Decide, Act
  • Use a template to complete the key step of Defining your Desired Outcomes, and agreeing terminology and relevant data
Module 2: Turning Data into Decisions: Developing Meaningful Stories to Drive Decision Making
  • Focus your analysis to come to a meaningful recommendation
  • Understand your audience and shape your story for their requirements
  • Create a compelling story of what the data is telling us and how we can move forward
Module 3: Predicting the Future: The Opportunities and Risks in Predictive Analysis
  • Learn how to use a predictive analysis model
  • Discover the opportunities and risks in making predictions about the future
  • Use data, analytics, and insight to identify revenue, cost, and risk options
  • Present your insights in a realistic but compelling way
Module 4: The Real World: Bringing the Learning Back to the Workplace
  • Present your “real world” project and receive immediate feedback
  • Develop an action plan and implement the learnings on your return to work
  • Collaborate and develop a relevant, business-focused HR metrics analysis in a final complex case study and present it to a senior executive team for immediate feedback


Jim Harrison

Lead Facilitator

Kendra Hajek

Lead Facilitator
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Jim Harrison


Jim Harrison is an international consultant and facilitator focused on strategy, sales and talent management for mid-sized to large organizations, including government, public service and healthcare organizations.

Jim started his career in financial services, working as a money trader for RBC/Dominion Securities.  He has over 30 years’ experience in consulting, training, and executive coaching. He works with clients in North & South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia, and regularly facilitates strategy and training sessions for such well-known companies as IBM, Accenture, PwC, KPMG, Deloitte, Fuji, AGFA, TD Bank, AT&T, Deutsche Bank, and HSBC.

Jim received his B.Sc. degree in Finance from Florida State University and a Master’s Degree in English from the University of California, Irvine. He has been married for over 30 years to Arlene Vandersloot, a midwife and therapist, and they have four awe-inspiring children.

Kendra Hajek

Kendra Hajek has worked extensively with global clients to design, facilitate, and manage programs focused on selling to the C-Suite, leadership, communications and business development for the past 20 years. Prior to founding her company, Kendra was a senior client manager for a boutique consultancy and was responsible for numerous global accounts. She has extensive international experience, having worked with clients across the U.S., Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and Latin America. Kendra has also worked across a diverse range of industries including professional services, IT consulting, medical device manufacturing, industrial products manufacturing and distribution. With a degree in Management, Kendra spent her early career assisting small businesses with post-merger integration in the oil industry.