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Future Innovative Organizations will Harness, Leverage and Connect Talent

Queen’s IRC 2015 Workplace in Motion Summit
Cathy Sheldrick
Queen’s IRC Marketing Assistant

February 17, 2015

Future Innovative Organizations will Harness, Leverage and Connect Talent In the old world order, organizations were structured so that they could leverage their capital; people were just put in roles and given responsibilities. Everyone was supposed to follow their role in the way it was designed. Organizations didn’t have to develop people or leverage talent, they expected employees to just follow orders.

The Queen’s IRC 2015 Workplace in Motion Summit reflects the fact that the world has changed, and continues to change. If organizations don’t get ahead of the shift, then they are going to get left behind. This dramatic shift has come because of the knowledge economy, and because the workforce of tomorrow is demanding a more innovative and purposeful environment and work context.

In the past, it was about dividing labour for efficiency, and now it’s about connecting people or talent for innovation and progress. If organizations or people aren’t doing their jobs, others will come along and do their jobs for them – and they’re going to do them better.

At the Queen’s IRC 2015 Workplace in Motion Summit, there will be three break-out sessions designed to focus on the specific issues affecting human resources (HR), organizational development (OD) and labour relations (LR) professionals.  These sessions will be led by practitioners at the cutting edge of their fields, who are working with clients experiencing the challenges of moving to the new world of work, as well as pioneering organizations who are already there.

Diane Locke will lead the HR session, Francoise Morissette will lead the OD session, and Anne Grant will lead the LR session. Summit attendees will have the opportunity to attend two of the three sessions. This month, we look at the HR and OD sessions.

Human Resources in Motion with Diane Locke

How do we attract, engage, retain, and fully leverage the millennial population? How do we manage the impending talent shortage? How are we going to be challenged in the future?

Organizational Development in Motion with Françoise Morissette

What type of organizations will be successful in the future? What kinds of workplaces will work for the millennials when they take over? What can the OD professional do to leverage their own potential?

(Updated June 18, 2015)



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