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As a career civil servant, Lori Aselstine has over 33 years of experience in the fields of program management, human resources and labour relations. Lori has worked in all regions of Ontario, in small, medium and large operational ministries, as well as in central agency ministries. She honed her HR leadership skills through a variety of roles, including HR generalist, compensation specialist, LR advisor, manager of LR and HR consulting services, manager of collective agreements administration, director of Ontario Public Service labour relations, director of Broader Public Sector labour relations and director of strategic human resources business.

In the area of labour relations, Lori has extensive experience conducting complex investigations, developing corporate grievance management/resolution strategies and processes, developing negotiation and bargaining mandates, and managing in a complex union-management environment. As a seasoned LR professional who has conducted hundreds of enquiries, investigations, mediations, arbitrations and negotiations, Lori has established a reputation as a skilled relationship-builder and problem-solver.

Lori holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Waterloo, a Master of Public Administration from Queen’s University, certification in Alternate Dispute Resolution from the University of Windsor, and certification in Advanced Labour Relations from Queen’s IRC.



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