About Stephanie 


Stephanie Fischkohl is currently the Manager of Operations at Queen’s University Industrial Relations Centre. Prior to joining Queen’s IRC, Stephanie held other management positions in the private sector and internally at Queen’s University since 2004, including Senior Sales Manager at the Donald Gordon Conference Centre and Program Manager, Continuing Professional Development, Faculty of Health Sciences.

She is responsible for growing business operations, recruitment and selection, financial modelling, labour management and engagement, and program development. She opens the lines of communication between clients, customers, and team members to achieve objectives and new initiatives. With over 15 years of management experience in quality improvement, team building, and event production Stephanie leverages her real-world experiences to create an inclusive, positive culture, and high-performing teams. She is a true advocate for lifelong learning. She is passionate about applying best practices to generate alignment between management and union relationships.

She is a long-time member of the Kingston Humane Society, and area captain of the Heart and Stroke Foundation Kingston Chapter. During her tenure on the Board of Directors at the Kingston Humane Society, she was a stakeholder on the Executive Committee and served as the Board Chair. She was successful in negotiating a new contract with the City of Kingston regarding shelter services which brought the 20-year-old agreement up to current standards.

Stephanie is a graduate of the Business Administration program at St. Lawrence College. She is currently pursuing her Professional Master of Industrial Relations (PMIR) from Queen’s University.

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