About Filomena 


Filomena Lofranco is an accomplished and versatile professional boasting a diverse background in Human Resources, People Management, Finance, and Operations. Over the course of her illustrious 25-year career, Filomena has consistently played a pivotal role in advancing organizational objectives. Her contributions encompass a wide spectrum of expertise, including the design of exceptional training and onboarding programs, orchestration of organizational restructuring and evaluation, spearheading process improvements, and providing executive coaching.

At the heart of Filomena’s capabilities lies her exceptional capacity to engage effectively with stakeholders, fostering enduring and robust relationships. Beyond her extensive experience, she possesses a remarkable talent for communication and leadership. Filomena’s public speaking prowess is second to none, and her demonstrated ability to lead cross-functional teams ensures seamless collaboration and triumphant outcomes in multifaceted projects.

What sets Filomena apart is her unique perspective, rooted in her experiences from both sides of the table, having served within the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU). This dual perspective equips her with profound insights into labour relations and dispute resolution, culminating in a well-rounded and strategic approach to her profession.

Notably, Filomena proudly serves as a standing coach with the Queen’s IRC labour relations programs. Filomena’s dedication to continuous learning is a testament to her commitment to excellence.

Her education portfolio includes prestigious credentials such as an Executive Certificate in Conflict Management from the Faculty of Law at the University of Windsor, Human Resources and Labor Relations Certificates from Queen’s Industrial Relations Centre, Coaching Managers & Directors and a Management Certificate from the Schulich School of Business, Advanced Trustee Management Standards Certification from the International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans, an Adult Education/Staff Training Certificate, and a Business Administration – Management Diploma from Seneca College.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Filomena embraces a lifelong learner’s mindset. She revels in her passion for travel, embarking on thrilling adventures, and enjoys hosting Sunday night dinners, fostering cherished moments with her family and friends.


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