Director’s Note – January 2016

Spring Forward: Fresh Thinking for a Changing World
Paul Juniper

Paul Juniper, Director, Queen's IRCDo you or your workplace need a spring tuneup? It can be easy to fall into habits that may seem innocuous, but may actually be hindering your progress. Spring is a great time to review and renew, and Queen’s IRC has just what you need to get a fresh start, with certificate programs, custom programs, and some new opportunities based on requests from our clients.

This Spring, we are pleased to introduce HR Metrics and Analytics, a timely and essential program for HR professionals who want to understand how and what to measure, and how to transform that data into business knowledge and insight. It is an excellent fit with our Linking HR Strategy to Business Strategy program, which gives HR professionals the deeper knowledge required to engage senior teams and contribute to organizational success.

Your company culture can have a huge impact on the bottom line. Our Building Trust in the Workplace program is designed to help you get at the root of low trust levels and transform your organizational culture to foster a more positive and transparent environment. You will learn how to identify and measure trust levels, and how to develop effective communication strategies to engage and motivate your teams.

Are you looking for new approaches to labour relations? Our Strategic Grievance Handling program, takes a practical and reflective approach to identifying and addressing workplace issues. Our Mastering Fact-Finding and Investigation program adds to your knowledge, giving you valuable tools and skills to plan investigations, conduct interviews, and properly weigh the evidence.

This is also a great time to take the next steps towards beginning or adding credits to your Queen’s IRC Certificate in Advanced Human Resources, Organizational Development Fundamentals, Labour Relations and Advanced Labour Relations.

Give yourself a gift this Spring – with new ideas to give you and your team a renewed focus and the skills to thrive in 2016!

Paul Juniper, MA, CHRL, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Queen’s University IRC

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