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Director's Note - January 2019

Stephanie Noel, Queen's IRC Director
Publication date: January, 2019

What Does Employee Engagement Mean to You?

Stephanie Noel

At the IRC, we believe that employee engagement begins with the commitment of strong leaders who believe in creating an organizational culture that fosters healthy relationships, encourages diversity of thought and maximizes opportunities for collaboration and multidisciplinary solutions. That vision flows through the many programs that you’ll find in our Spring 2019-Spring 2020 Program Planner.

Leaders build great teams by combining the talents of many to achieve shared goals. To do that, they need to define the core skills required to facilitate high performance, and design a collaborative, community-minded environment that gives people the space to excel. Our programs are designed to nurture those skills and develop leaders at all levels of your organization.

Our program participants are constantly telling us about how the IRC team reflects this culture, working together to provide an exceptional learning experience. So it will be no surprise to many of you that they were recently recognized for their efforts with a Queen’s University Special Recognition for Staff Award (Team), awarded to individuals and teams for consistently providing outstanding contributions to the learning and working environment at Queen’s. They are indeed a special group, and I’m very proud of their accomplishments.

Are you ready to ramp up employee engagement and team performance at your workplace? Have a look through our Program Planner to find the programs to help propel you and your organization to the next level.