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Director's Note - August 2019

Publication date: August, 2019
Stephanie Noel

It’s no secret that there are several social issues influencing today’s work environment, such as workplace wellness, equality, and the disruption of jobs through advances in automation. Today’s workers need more than technical abilities – they must have digital fluency, as well as social skills to collaborate effectively in a diverse environment.

Queen’s IRC programs are designed to help you and your organization build a solid foundation for a positive work culture that supports continuous learning and growth, using practical, evidence-based and relevant training to address current challenges and opportunities.

Our 2019-20 programs are designed to help organizations gain and upgrade the skills that are essential for collaborating and thriving in a global workplace. Using hands-on exercises and case studies, participants bring real-world situations to the program, engaging with peers and experienced facilitators to develop solutions and practices that encourage critical thinking and cultivate healthy workplaces.

The IRC is ready to help you and your organization prepare for the shift to a skills economy in a rapidly changing world. Don’t let the fast pace leave you behind – take the next step in your career today.

Stephanie Noel, H. BA (Econ), MBA Director, Queen’s University IRC

P.S. Coming soon...the IRC is opening a training facility in the heart of downtown Kingston. We look forward to welcoming you to our new technology-enhanced headquarters in the Fall!