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Publication date: May, 2020
Community of Practice

Queen's IRC is pleased to bring you a series of free Community of Practice (COP) webinars and online meetings, to allow the IRC community to connect with our facilitators and discuss burning issues in labour relations, human resources and organizational development.

We recognize that although professional development may not be a priority right now, you may be dealing with several new LR, HR and OD issues as we have transitioned to new ways of working.

This is a great opportunity to connect with peers, get advice from our facilitators and learn how to approach today's new way of working. There will be weekly opportunities to join a session via Zoom. The upcoming sessions are noted below - we expect them to run about 45 minutes each.


Collective Bargaining Online in the Post-COVID World – with Queen’s IRC Facilitators Gary Furlong and Mike Lumb

Wednesday, May 27th, 2020 - 2 PM ET

It may still be months, even a few years, before in-person bargaining is possible, yet agreements continue to expire and negotiations need to happen. This session will look at different ways to approach collective bargaining negotiations through online video platforms, and discuss best practices for unions and management. Join us to hear from the LR community how this is being done today.

Format: Discussion and Q&A

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Temporary Suspension of Grievances – with Queen’s IRC Facilitators Anne Grant and Jennifer Webster

Thursday, May 28, 2020 - 12:30 pm ET

During these times, many organizations have delayed or held grievances in abeyance.  How long should employers hold off managing behaviour?  What are the pros and cons of postponing disciplinary action?  This session will discuss this important area in the context of COVID-19 and provide an opportunity to share success stories and ask questions.  Join Anne and Jennifer (two of our Labour Relations Foundations facilitators) for this interactive community of practice session.

Format: Discussion and Q & A

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Talk and Think: “Who Do You Know? And Why it Matters…” - with Queen’s IRC Facilitator Jim Harrison

Thursday, May 28, 2020 – 2 pm ET

“Get out of your office and go knock on doors.”

In this session, which draws on content from the Queen’s IRC program Linking HR Strategy to Business Strategy, we will “talk and think” about why it is crucially important to your success – and the success of your organization – that you get out of your office (in non-pandemic times!) and develop stronger relationships with your senior leaders.  Jim Harrison will share his thoughts on the topic and then we will have a discussion where we ask members of the group to share a problem, experience, or idea on the topic.

Format: Small, intimate group discussion
Please bring: A relevant problem, challenge or idea that we can talk and think about

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The format of each session will vary, and registration will be limited for some sessions. We have a waiting list in place and will schedule additional sessions (on the same topics) based on demand.