Queen's University IRC

March 2023

Fairness in Workplace Investigations - How Much Should Respondents Know

Fairness in Workplace Investigations: How Much Should Respondents Know?

Workplace investigations are increasingly complex. New workplace investigators often struggle with how much information to share with the Respondent during the investigative process. Questions often arise such as:
How much information is a workplace investigator required to share? How much information should be shared before the Respondent’s interview? What impact will disclosure or non-disclosure have on the outcome of the investigation?

HR Metrics and Analytics: So Many Numbers, So Little Time…

HR Metrics and Analytics: So Many Numbers, So Little Time…

In this article, we will share two structured ways to look at organizing your thinking and your data analysis that will make more effective use of your time and lead to more timely and informed decisions. First, we will overview the HR Metrics Cycle which leads in clear steps from defining the opportunity or problem, to decisions and a relevant action plan. Secondly, we will dig more deeply into the Define step of the cycle. Starting any project with clearly defined goals and agreed terminologies and metrics is critical to a project’s relevance and success.

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