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January 2019

Stephanie Noel

Trending Topics on the IRC Website

A new and exciting year has begun, and I hope that you are off to a good start. As the Director, it is a good time for me to review what we did in 2018 and where we are going in 2019. One of the ways I do this is to take a look at the popular articles on our website, and review which topics people are engaging with the most to ensure that these trends are representative of the programming that we are offering. Last year we introduced a Workplace Restoration program, and I am pleased to see that three of the top four articles we released last year were about workplace restoration. This is clearly a hot topic that many organizations are dealing with right now.

Program Planner

Queen’s IRC Spring 2019-Spring 2020 Program Planner

We are pleased to announce our Spring 2019-Spring 2020 Program Planner is ready to be downloaded. It details all of our foundational and advanced programs and our certificate series. Download our Spring 2019-Spring 2020 Program Planner now! What’s inside: Program dates, locations and fees Detailed description of our entire program lineup The Human Resources & …

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Stephanie Noel, Queen's IRC Director

Director’s Note – January 2019

What Does Employee Engagement Mean to You? At the IRC, we believe that employee engagement begins with the commitment of strong leaders who believe in creating an organizational culture that fosters healthy relationships, encourages diversity of thought and maximizes opportunities for collaboration and multidisciplinary solutions. That vision flows through the many programs that you’ll find in our Spring 2019-Spring 2020 Program Planner. Leaders build great teams by combining the talents of many to achieve shared goals.

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