Queen's University IRC

August 2018

Is the Sponsor for Your Change Project Missing in Action?

Ghost Sponsors: Is the Sponsor for Your Change Project Missing in Action?

George was sitting quietly at the back of the room when he suddenly came to life. “But you don’t understand. All this talk about getting ‘sponsors’ on board is all well and good, but what do you do when your sponsor is basically invisible?” A roomful of participants nodded in agreement as George continued. “We can’t get sponsors to show up at meetings, they won’t make decisions that affect the project, they don’t allocate the resources we need. They might as well be ghosts!”

Stephanie Noel

Director’s Note – Fall 2018

It’s a real pleasure, as the new director of Queen’s IRC, to introduce you to our fall 2018 – fall 2019 programming. I’ve been with the IRC for over fifteen years, and during that time, I’ve had exceptional opportunities to learn from and with colleagues, program participants and organizations across a broad range of industries. These relationships have been integral to the success of the Centre, and to my own professional growth. They are also the foundation of a progressive culture of community and wellbeing in our workplaces.

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