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August 2016

4 Strategies for Collective Bargaining in Today’s Economy

4 Strategies for Collective Bargaining in Today’s Economy

We have entered a challenging and difficult time for collective bargaining for both employers and unions. Shortly following the great recession in 2008, both management and unions reached deals relatively quickly, everyone recognizing the dramatic economic issues the parties faced at the time. From 2008 well into 2012, there was little change. Employers tried to deal with the reality of the recession, and unions waited for the anticipated rebound, assuming it would resemble almost all recessions of the past.

Paul Juniper

Director’s Note – August 2016

Do you know about Botlr, the robot who delivers room service requests to guests at the Aloft Starwood Hotel in California? How about Brian, a robot that provides companionship to seniors in a nursing home? Robots are just one example of how technology is affecting the workplace, and changing the skills that humans will require in the future.

Program Planner

Queen’s IRC Fall 2016-Fall 2017 Program Planner

We are pleased to announce our Fall 2016-Fall 2017 Program Planner is ready to be downloaded. It introduces our new training program, Strategies for Workplace Conflicts, which gives participants practical and effective conflict resolution skills for managing everyday workplace disputes. The Program Planner also details all of our foundational and advanced programs, as well as our Certificate Series.

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