Queen's University IRC

June 2014

Stephanie Noel, Queen's IRC Business Development Manager

Spring 2014 Article Recap

As we prepare to enjoy the long-awaited summer with our family and friends, I would like to take a minute to thank all the sponsors, and the participants who attended programs this spring. Congratulations to those who have earned their certificates. This year, we began offering programs in Ottawa, in our continued effort to meet the professional development needs of human resources, organizational development, and labour relations practitioners.

Strategic Grievance Management in Today’s Unionized Environment

Strategic Grievance Management in Today’s Unionized Environment

The word “strategic” gets thrown around pretty loosely these days – it’s one of those business buzz words meant to instill confidence that we’ve thought this through and it’s all under control: trust us, we’ve got a strategic plan! But there’s more to it than just calling something “strategic”. The term “strategic” implies there is a thoughtful, organized strategy guiding your efforts; that a particular issue has been viewed in the broader context and your decision to proceed is based on the impacts that decision will have across the organization

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