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January 2014

How can unions overcome their PR problem?

The Future of Unions in Canada’s Private Sector: How Can Unions Overcome their PR Problem?

Unions face many negative perceptions, such as the notion that union workers are lazy, under worked, have job security for life, and enjoy gold-plated benefits and pension packages that others can only dream about. In light of this, how can unions overcome their PR problem? This question was one of many that was put to a panel of labour relations practitioners and experts recently, at a roundtable discussion sponsored by Queen's IRC, and hosted by the Canadian HR Reporter.

Developing Organizations - A Metaphorical View

Developing Organizations – A Metaphorical View

Can organizations be designed to grow people? With the emphasis on talent and knowledge management in today’s uber-competitive business context, the assumption certainly seems to be yes. The reality, however, is that many organizations fail to develop or tap the competence of their people. Referring to the problem of pervasive disengagement amongst today’s workforce, Gary Hamel (2012) laments that organizational systems are more likely to “frustrate extraordinary accomplishment than to foster it” (p. 137).

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Queen’s IRC Spring 2014 – Spring 2015 Program Planner

We’re pleased to introduce our Spring 2014-Spring 2015 Program Planner, detailing our foundational and advanced programs, along with new offerings, such as the Strategic Workforce Planning program, featuring dynamic training and tools for managing talent and succession planning in a changing world. Download our Spring 2014-Spring 2015 Program Planner now!

Paul Juniper

Director’s Note – January 2014

Twitter and other social networking channels have demonstrated just how quickly we've become a global community. News travels at a blinding speed, and events occurring halfway around the world are broadcast in real time to our various devices.These days, the business world is evolving just as quickly. New international partnerships and collaborations have changed the landscape in practically every industry, resulting in both opportunity and challenge for organizations and changing the way we approach new markets.

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