Archives for February 2009

Managing the Future: Why Some Ontario Municipalities Are Not Engaging in Succession Planning

Succession planning is particularly important in government, if only because public sector employees tend to retire earlier than those in the private sector. But a study of 34 Ontario municipalities shows that senior municipal leaders are paying lip service to succession planning, mostly because other issues seem more pressing.

The Current and Future State of Human Resources Leadership

In December 2008, Hilary Sirman of Queen’s IRC spoke with Antoinette Blunt, President of Ironside Consulting Services Inc. and President of the Human Resources Professional Association of Ontario, about the current and future state of the Human Resources profession.

Amidst increasing global competition, wars for talent, economic uncertainty and generational differences in the workforce, human resources professionals today face escalating pressures. Nonetheless, Antoinette provides a thoughtful and optimistic outlook for the function and future of HR leaders, commenting on the need to develop innovative talent management strategies, focus on recruitment and training, remain committed to lifelong learning, and actively engage in professional associations.

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